BMW Kills Its Mega-SUV, Tests letter of the alphabet organism And Raises Prices

In letter incase of "better ne'er than late," BMW is killing its X7 lifesize SUV ahead it's yet stacked amid fears it'll be equally ill equally its manque competitor, the Mercedes-Benz GL. disregard modern rumors from AN "inside source" WHO told WorldCarFans the X7 was hardly "sleeping," Autopia has habitual that unchanged at bottom document offered his kids the unchanged condone later financial support o'er the family's favorable retriever. Both the X7 and Fido can be found on a farm in Maine, playfully rollicking through the fields as BMW execs wonder what's happened to company profits.

On a related note, Edmunds posted video of an Aztec-riffic BMW X6 hybrid that could hit dealerships as soon as 2009. Sadly, it sports a gargantuan tumor, perhaps caused by the test engineer's cell phone or electromagnetic fields emitted from the massive amount of wiring under the hood. We wish the X6 a speedy recovery. Edmunds claims the gasoline-electric hybrid is "designed to take the edge off fuel costs without giving up much in the way of SUV practicality or performance," which must signify an extremely advanced hybrid system since the X6 offers neither SUV practicality nor performance. One reviewer called it "as useful as a laminated pizza."

Future X6 hybrid and X7 sales notwithstanding, BMW is having a hard time in the US market due to (surprise, surprise) the economic downturn. The falling dollar and rising Euro, cash- and credit-strapped consumers "trading down" from luxury cars and a trend toward more fuel-efficient vehicles hits especially hard for the luxury and performance automaker because nearly a quarter of its cars land stateside. On Friday, Standard and Poor's announced it is downgrading its outlook on BMW from "stable" to "negative," which "reflects the heightened risk of performance deterioration as a result of the challenges BMW is facing in the automotive industry," according to S&P credit analyst Barbara Catellano. At the same time, the 335i you've had your eye on is going to get a lot more exclusive: BMW announced it's raising prices in the US, cutting production by 20,000 units and shifting sales of 20,000 more to the European market.

Let's hope the only "performance deterioration" we see is financial. We don't want to come across as iDrive-hating, Bangle-bashing Bimmer Luddites, but the pre-X days were arguably the golden age of BMW. Give us an E39 M5 and we'll burn through a tank of gas faster than you can figure out your adaptive steering. It's A other populace now, and if it takes gathering A Bavarian court to the AMC score inwards rate to adjust importation the currency-challenged 3, indeed cost it.

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