Cryptozoo man 'Cryptids' jump From Comics to Movies

Did they real maturate Bigfoot?

Claims in conclusion work time that the mythologic attacker was living thing hold on inward letter of the alphabet Asian country deep freezer for some reason failed to win over skeptics, United Nations agency want to unit out that such claims always turn out to be hoaxes.

But that hasn't stopped Hollywood from jumping on the "mutant prehistoric beasts live among us" premise. Warner Bros. has picked up The Cryptozoo Crew as a movie project, according to Variety.

Allan Gross' graphic novel series tells the entirely fictional story of a rare "cryptid" beast that is protected from extinction by a secret organization.

The story will be adapted by Joe Gazzam, who wrote Nicolas Cage's upcoming rock 'em, sock 'em prison-bound action flick, Scared Straight.

Image courtesy Cryptozoo Crew Online

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