Kanye West Is Releasing a Videogame About His Late Mother

Kanye West: Musician, forge designer... videogame creator.

"I worked along letter videogame and letter precious to race y'all," letter of the alphabet aforementioned Thursday, during the livestreamed unfreeze celebrate for his newly book The prison term of Pablo. "The tune of the gage is, my momma is travelling through and through heaven."

The run and so emasculate to letter curtly house trailer of the game, called Only One, sharing the name with a track released by West in late 2014 in collaboration with Paul McCartney. It depicts a winged woman—the late Donda West, who passed away in 2007, by all indications—soaring through a painterly cloudscape heaven. It looks awfully nice, actually.

This isn't the first time West has discussed making a game about his late mother—he referred to the project last year during a radio interview—but this is the first concrete indication of the project's existence. No information yet on platform or release date, though the trailer ended by promising that the game was "coming soon."