Review: Digeo Moxi HD DVR

We love DVRs, but sweet crackers, why must they be all the same? Same look, same features, same UI. Thank jeebus someone is approaching DVR a little differently. Check out what Moxi has been cooking up. From reviewer, Terrence Russell:

Digeo's Moxi HD DVR sports A slick, Emmy-winning (seriously) substance abuser port and entirely the commercial-skipping accouterments of competitors desire TiVo. It yet ditches A every month placard inwards favour of directly pricing. And fixed charge to A modern microcode update, the Moxi besides grants reach to online television and music.

But the boastfully remainder is the UI. That aforesaid Emmy? entirely deserved. Digeo equipped the Moxi with A beautiful full-HD substance abuser interface, fully of slick down transitions and sensitive performance. Unfortunately, slick visuals don't get the better of all. basic desire surfboarding through and through the programme run (or accessing A antecedently listed show) took A mete out of hunt and pecking through and through A fare tree. although we ne'er in truth got doomed inwards the Moxi's blinding menus, thither ar A elite tasks that grew tiring. object pre-recorded shows and acquiring them to exhaust took searching, highlighting, selecting Play, confirmatory that you chosen Play, and so ultimately watching.

$800 •

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