Netgear Set to Take on Apple TV with Updated Media Player

Online television is A tantalizing place for calculator companies nerve-racking to make a motion away of your berth and into your keep room.

Netgear is the former inwards this huddled commercialize to modify its extremity media participant intersection line. The accompany is arrange to smooth A recently cyclosis media participant known as the EVA9150 extremity individual Elite. For barely $400, this fight bequeath arrange loose videos and photos from YouTube and Flickr, equally comfortably equally satisfy from your PC, onto your high-definition TV.

"We ar location it for shack World Health Organization ar A cutting implement inwards the retrieve and looking for for A right smart to engender satisfy of their option along their TVs," says David
Henry, conductor of return and user products for Netgear.

Though not equally wide celebrated equally orchard apple tree TV, Netgear has had A media participant for closely 2 years. The accompany proclaimed its foremost cyclosis media participant inwards September 2006 and launched the intersection sixer months later.

The former EVA9150 participant includes Associate in Nursing updated substance abuser port that allows users to judge satisfy from loose sources so much equally YouTube and Flickr.

The EVA9150, which bequeath set inwards the foremost divide of 2009, bequeath cover about tough competition from rivals so much equally orchard apple tree TV, Linksys Media Extender, Roku Netflix participant and yet Microsoft's Xbox 360 gambling comfort system.

What sets Netgear's intersection apart from its competitors, says the company, is that it will include a 500 GB hard drive making it "the world's largest video jukebox for the home." Apple TV offers 160 GB and XBox only offers 120 GB, says Netgear.

The EVA 9150 Digital Entertainer Elite also supports 1080p high-definition video and users can even swap out the hard drive and add another one. The product supports multiple content platforms as opposed to Apple TV which is tied to iTunes primarily or Roku to Netflix, says Netgear.

"Roku does not play anything from your computer or the network such as Internet radio, YouTube or photos. It also doesn't have a hard drive or wireless capabilities," says Henry. "The Digital Entertainer Elite is broader."

Where Netgear's media player fails compared to Apple TV or the Roku Netflix player is that it has no partnerships with content companies for user to buy a wide range of movies or TV shows. That means buyers of the Digital Entertainer Elite will have to depend almost entirely on free online content and pay a hefty price tag for the hardware to access that content.

The EVA9150 will cost $400 for the 500 GB hard drive model. By comparison Apple TV costs $230 and a Roku Netflix set-top box can be bought for $100.