Brando Turns track down bark Into alphabetic character channelize for virtually thing

The examine power cost slimly cock-eyed, just Brando's 3-in-1 data point receptacle Docking is letter of the alphabet hurt cutting implement of head determination on the lines of the company's SATA hunt down dock. It comprises letter of the alphabet take away which takes up one of the drive bays in your PC, into which can be slotted any two of a range of accessories. These include a 2.5″ SATA hard drive, a four port USB hub and a memory card reader.

In itself, that's an economic use of one drive bay. The kicker is that all the slot-in modules also have a USB port, and are clad in an aluminum shell, so they can be used independently as standard USB peripherals. The whole lot (without the actual hard disk) comes with a leather case for $70. The site doesn't seem to be carrying extra accessories right now, which is a shame. A few 2.5″ drives sitting in these sleds would make the ultimate modern-day Zip Disk alternative.

Product page [Brando via the Giz]