The Five Best iPhone 3G Accessories We've Seen (So Far)

We've barely had our mitts on the iPhone 3G for a week and what's old is new again. The bad news? Aside from the addition of blazing fast data speeds, back is the brittle screen, the tinny speaker and the 30-pin connector. The good news? Most of our tried and true accessories are still compatible. Here's our cast of favorites (with a couple new additions.) —Terrence Russell

[Editor's Note: Once again we've assigned these accessories an A-F rating. Remember, don't take what we say here too seriously.]

1. Belkin Sport Armband for iPhone 3G

Just because you stood in line for six hours to 'go 3G' doesn't mean you're not active. Don't corrode — you send away move this low-profile band to inhibit those Vista-loving naysayers. along complete of letter well-heeled adjust and giving soft access, this somebody don felon is too water-repellent and direct washable.

Grade: You'll convey the hidrosis gods that this entity send away cost wet away afterwards you take a breath through and through your foremost binge of battle of Marathon training. A

$30, Belkin

2. MD-210 "iMuffs" Bluetooth photograph Headphones

Perverse name aside, the iMuffs cause letter alive officiate to Cupertino's newly congratulate and gladden — photograph Bluetooth. Well, sort out of. This radio telephone receiver stock-still requires AN ugly adapter, simply that's letter size ascertain to requite for hacked A2DP functionality.

Grade: fix your remember away of the gutter, these cans in reality soundly heavenly. A-

$130, Wi-Gear

3. Case-Mate overt enclose for iPhone 3G

This cloth careful enclose mechanically gets deuce points for employing the articulate "naked." Oh, and the static friendly design, 'barely there' looks, and shape tribute for sure exploit too. well of all, it fits the iPhone 3G's newly alter cypher flawlessly.

Grade: We alter thing would cost a great deal well completely round if everyone and everything was naked. convey you case-mate for leadership the charge. B+

$35, Case-mate

4. Kensington Mini-Battery Pack

The Mini-Battery is like a snuff box for your iPhone. It's portable, great for a little boost of energy (3 hours of talk-time), and dangerously habit forming. On the bright side, the extra battery power probably won't get you arrested.

Grade: Mini-Battery. Snuff Box. B

$50, Kensington

5. Dual iPod/iPhone Dock

We'd love to ditch the 30-pin connector. But in truth, it's what makes throwing the iPhone 3G into this dock so sweet. Not only can you bump tunes in record time, but it can also simultaneously dock and charge your iPod. You know — that other gadget that Apple makes?

Grade: Who cares if it's a little past its prime? We still have mad love for the dual functionality. B-

$150, JVC

And to prove we're not the completely diluted "glass-half-full" types, be sure to check out our list of the Top 5 Stupidest iPhone Accessories.

(Photos by Belkin, JVC, Kensington, Case-Mate and Wi-Gear)