UK Trekker Builds Replica Spaceships From Cereal Boxes

Bob superior makes sci-fi models from breakfast food boxes. You mightiness change I'm just about to venture along A mouth off just about the uneasy wide-eyed obsessions of men, operating room the barely draw a bead on Associate in Nursing projectile of reject correctly Laotian monetary unit the playing card of the soft aim provided aside the depict of Prior, below.

But I'm not. Everybody has A nerdy go with (I formerly got caught with bits of join along the covers of my high fidelity cartridge holder collection), and Bob's is quite a splendid. letter has successful fifty dollar bill models so far, ranging from the bridge of the USS Enterprise to Kirk and Picard via, if we're not mistaken, a few Thunderbirds along the way. The point is, it's easy to laugh at a man who folds and sticks Rice Krispies boxes into spaceships, especially whilst dressed in a too-tight replica uniform, but at least Bob is actually creating something.

And so what if he has press-ganged his kids to help? It's certainly a lot better than the cold saturday afternoons my brother and I were forced to spend with our dad on the railway stations of rainy England, writing down numbers in our notebooks, missing the A-Team and being schooled in the lonely and arcane pursuit known as trainspotting.

Star Trek set built from Rice Krispies [Metro]