Visit the Canon Camera Museum Today

Today we're going to recommend that you visit a museum. "Oh, great," you're thinking, "that idiot Sorrel is going to start talking about some stupid place down the street from his house. Thanks a lot, Charlie."

You're right. But it's also right down the street from your house. It's the Canon Camera Museum, and as you can see from the aerial photo above, it's a handsome place, and better still, the tickets are free. Click on over and you can find out about the dawn of the EOS system (excuse the pun) back in 1987 (I was a teenager with a Saturday job in a camera store back then, and my co-workers took me to the EOS launch to get me drunk and laugh at the result) and the entire history of Canon right back to 1933.

It's a fascinating way to spend a few hours, or a few minutes, and for once we actually like the fact that it's a Flash-based site that lets us flip around the campus. Go check it out, and find out such fascinating facts as the meaning of the Canon name ("standard for judgement or biblical scriptures", weirdly) and the origins of the company's first product (a Leica clone, showing that the company is proudly built on piracy).

Canon Camera Museum [Canon via Retro Thing]