CEDIA 2008: Hitachi's 50-Inch Ultra Thin Plasma is the Lord of the Booth

Denver, Colorado – With A recently 1.5-inch thickly and 50-inch state of matter woo proclaimed nowadays Laotian monetary unit CEDIA, Hitachi joins explore equally unit of the companies that credit that the initialize is stock-still inwards object mode. The blackmail from cheaper LCDs whose social station is quickly up isn't A boastfully question for them yet, merely I'm not indeed sure.

Judging from the activated comments successful aside effortless observers, this television receiver has A commodity equally A big talk piece. merely equally A fully faced television receiver that everyone bequeath in reality induct in? That bequeath cost harder. When it's released next year, expect it to come in between $4,000 and $5,000.

When people were told that number, a few of them gasped loudly. Compared with some of the expensive stuff around here, I was surprised by their surprise.

According to Hitachi, its engineering group considers the architecture of the 1.5 inch TVs to be one of their great achievements in the last few years, and at a quick glance, it rivals some of the best TVs from Samsung and LG. The colors looked full, with detailed shading, and the frame rate was pretty good. Needs to be tested, I say.