Review: Rockustics Pavorocci

Finally, the perfect set of speakers to crank up Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock." The Pavoroccis are backyard boomers that will satisfy all your hard rock and metal cravings, and anything else you throw at them. Despite a campy appearance, these are some sophisticated outdoor speakers, with a clean, well-balanced and sharp sound. On the Beastie Boys' "Pass the Mic," they produced some spooky-cool imaging during the synth solo, and the tight, earth-shaking bass toppled several gnomes on our patio. Rockustics speakers are in play at high-profile places like the White House and Sea World — if they're good enough for Dubya and Shamu, they should work for you.

Rockustics Pavorocci



Speakers designed like rocks. Place them in the garden, and crank up the Led Zep and drive out those meddling gophers. Cabinets constructed of 90 percent recycled products.


What happens once the tag discovers these area unit improve leg-lift height? Pricey. no more interior selection with these speakers, unless you chance to experience inwards letter cave.

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  • 1/10A fill in disorder inwards all right smart
  • 2/10Barely functional; don't be it
  • 3/10Serious flaws; go along with monish
  • 4/10Downsides predominate upsides
  • 5/10Recommended with reservations
  • 6/10A shape cartesian product with just about issues
  • 7/10Very good, simply not quite a gravid
  • 8/10Excellent, with live to plain
  • 9/10Nearly flawless, be it directly
  • 10/10Metaphysical cartesian product improvement